"How to heal your
business in crisis?"
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Who are you?
You are an entrepreneur who manages a start-up and needs specific and on-the-spot support to get through the Corona crisis.

You're an open-minded human being with a willingness to work hard and gain crisis know-how.

If so, "How to heal your business in crisis?" will help you on the road to success.
The project is co-financed by the Governments of the Czech Republic, Hungary,
Poland, and Slovakia through Visegrad Grants from International Visegrad Fund.
Build the rescue plan for your startup
What does the ebook include?
"How to heal your business in crisis?" covers four main issues:
Start-up's cost structure, how to raise investment during crisis, financial alternatives of your business.
Business modeling
Differences before Covid-19 and nowadays, how to validate start-up's business model "usually" and
during epidemy.
From baby steps to aduldhood, how to pitch
during pandemic times.
How to understand your teammates, ways of communication during crisis, practical tools for
every leader.
What you will find inside?
Concrete info that will allow you quickly back on track.
No generalities.
Useful advices easy to implement by you and
your team.
Universal content, suitable for each industry made by a group of experts with previous crisis experience.
Tailor-made manual for startups answering their needs and questions during Covid-19 crisis.
What's it all about?
The COVID-19 crisis caused a dramatic economic decrease. The threat that many initiatives will not pull through is real. We're here to stop all that by providing immediate help for start-ups and innovation industry, which will help you survive the following months. Don't hesitate – time is money.
Why it's worth it?
We all know that the recovery plan for global economy is in the making, but the start-up environment requires immediate help. With our program we present you a manual of how to survive the current crisis and simultaneously grow. Need more? Apart from the manual we will deliver a practical program including webinars and one-to-one coaching with mentors, who have had previous crisis experience and will help them shield for their survival. It's all about providing high quality knowledge straight from the experts. Cooperation is everything.
Does my business fit the program?
You run a start-up aiming to change the world for better and suddenly the pandemy stopped your development? You struggled to survive the last few months?

Help yourself and work with our manual and recovery program to stop the regress.
Time to back on track!
If you are interested in coaching for your startup please send your request contact [at] cwbc.pl or register here:

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