INFUSSE - dIgital eNtrepreneurial Skills For UniverSity Education

The main goal of INFUSSE is to support the digital entrepreneurship education uptake in HEIs, through an innovative learning methodology based on competency-based logic and emphasizing authentic learning situations.

INFUSSE will provide essential coaching and mentoring services to help aspiring digital young entrepreneurs navigate these uncertain times and make them feel part of their community. It will leverage new tools for online support services and business opportunities, making business models resilient, and enhancing the capacities of both educators and students. INFUSSE consortium will deploy an innovative pedagogical methodology, designed to support both Educators and Learners to develop digital and entrepreneurial competencies in three competence areas, as suggested by DigComp 2.0 and EntreComp EU Frameworks: Ideas & Opportunities, Resources, and Into Action.

INFUSSE will support its target groups across EU, ensuring equitable access to an inclusive learning environment and a high-quality educational experience through its educational HUB. The HUB will allow end-users to customize our approach, pillars, modules, and tools according to their specific needs and projects and considerably increase the likelihood of INFUSSE uptake to develop digital and entrepreneurial competencies' building, as well as sustainable partnerships at local, EU, and international scale.

The COVID-19 crisis is causing an upcoming and emerging financial and economic decrease, which will hit all plans done until now by startups and innovation teams. Though a recovery plan is in the making, and EU is discussing very ambitious measures to foster innovation in all regions, one of the biggest threats in the situation is that many of the current innovation teams and startups will not survive long enough to really benefit from it.

Leader: University of Makedonia
(Thessaloniki, Greece)
Cracow University of Economics
(Cracow, Poland)
George Emil Palade University of Medicine, Pharmacy, Science and Technology
(Targu MureČ™, Romania)
KiNNO Consultants Ltd.
(Athens, Greece)
(Brasov, Romania)
(Cracow, Poland)


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